Kelly Jackson & Tessah Christian | Founders 

Indian River Food Policy Council 

The mission of the Indian River Food Policy Council is to bring people together to create a sustainable local food system for Indian River County that enables everyone to eat healthy, delicious, locally-grown food that is produced and distributed in ways  that nurture and revitalize our families, environment, economy and  community. 

Arnold Stirzinger | Founder

Marine Cleanup initiative, Inc. 

MCII is a registered non-profit organization incorporated in the state of Florida. Our mission is to protect, conserve, restore and enhance watershed, coastal, and marine habitats and ecosystems.

We work with volunteers, chapter organizers, businesses, and local communities with recreational and commercial interests to remove marine debris, detritus, invasive species, and other forms of pollution using public outreach, educational programs, and grassroots projects to improve commitment to keep our waters clean, safe and healthy.