Welcome to Indian River Pioneer Farms

We closed on the farm property in November 2021 and hit the ground running to take on Kelly’s passion for Wellness and agriculture on a two acre swatch of land. A Farm To Table Wellness Hub!

Humans are a part of a healthy ecosystem. The way we steward ourselves and our land is interconnected. With the farm being a demonstration site offering education and training, you have the opportunity to attend or facilitate classes in agriculture, environmental stewardship, healthy eating, mindfulness, regenerative farming, and more. You can have private events tailored uniquely to your desire!

About Kelly – My career has been in the field of health and Wellness for over 30 years now. From modern medicine to holistic/integrative medicine. I grew up on a small parcel of agriculture property here in Indian River county with all of my family (Jackson). I am a descendant of a Florida Pioneer family (Roberts) buried in Johns Island where the early pioneer families farmed.

I believe it all starts at home. We can actually play a vital role in the health of our environment and ourselves. We have to learn new ways to provide food for our communities that is sustainable and in harmony with nature. If we do this, we can reverse the current road of environmental destruction poor health and more.

Please join us in being in a being a pioneer! We owe it to our ancestors, ourselves, and to our future generations.

Watch the video below as Kelly Jackson explains the importance of farming to the Indian River County Planning & Zoning Board

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Indian River food policy council

One of Kelly’s passions is the social benefit enterprise she co-founded, the Indian River Food Policy Council. The Food Policy Council works with for profit and non-profit organizations. Their mission is to bring people together to create a sustainable local food system for Indian River County that enables everyone to eat healthy, delicious, locally-grown food that is produced and distributed in ways that nurture and revitalize our families, environment, economy and community. 

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